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CE 140 Soil Mechanics Laboratory Required Elements for 1-D Consolidation Test Test Specification Æ ASTM D2435 Introduction, Procedure and Discussion 1. Description of oedometer cell and test equipment. 2. Provide answers to the following two questions: a) What two phenomena can be evaluated during a 1-D consolidation test on clays? b) How are these parameters used in geotechnical engineering and design (include examples)? 3. Describe what happens to a soil sample from start to finish of a load cycle. In particular, link the dial reading versus time behavior to the excess pore pressure within the sample. Results of Analysis (using the data provided) 1. Do not provide me with the raw data included in the Excel file. 2. One plot of dial reading versus time for each load cycle (your choice of log 10 scale or square root of time scale). This will result in 19 individual graphs. These must be included in your appendix, showing your calculation lines and resulting t and d readings.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Determine void ratio change from each plot, as well as coefficient of consolidation, c v , for each load cycle. Tabulate the data obtained from each plot. 4. Plot e-log σ vc ’ (void ratio versus vertical effective consolidation stress). 5. Determine maximum effective past pressure ( σ p ’). Show the graphical construction on an e-log σ vc ’ graph. Also find Cc and Cs from this graph. Estimate the overconsolidation ratio, OCR, using the current effective vertical stress of 100 kPa. 6. Discuss your results and compare the consolidation test results to published data. 7. Appendices: All calculations. Show ALL formulas if using Excel. Reminders: • Use consistent units and be sure to label all graphs and tables clearly. • Sharing/copying of plots, figures, text, and calculations will not be tolerated and will result in a grade of zero for the lab, along with reporting to the university. Do your own work!...
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