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ARTICLE SUMMARY GUIDELINES Article summaries will be due for every article. Summaries will encourage you to engage and help you understand the article. In order to receive credit for the article summaries, they should: Have your name at the top and the name of the article and author you’re summarizing Printed (If you’re using more than one page, use the back side). Contain one (and only one) question about the article (see below) Be a summary, and NOT make a simple list of points or key words mentioned Be turned in at the very beginning of class IN CLASS (if you’re late, hand it to me) Be informal – save the formal stuff for the papers. Specific Guidelines : 1. Summarize the argument : What was the issue, what was argued for, and how were they argued for? You should write the summary or present the argument in essay form. It helps to sort out what an author is saying, arguing, etc., if you categorize what is being said into arguments, examples, objections, and replies. So feel free to use abbreviations (e.g.,
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