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Ananda Mysore Spring 2010 5/10/2010 SJSU ME120 Experimental Methods –EXAMPLE PAPER Duration: 120 minutes Final Exam Spring-2010 Answer all questions Open Book Exam: Use only the text book and no other reference material is allowed Final Exam will be held on 05/20/10 from 7:15AM to 9:15AM Section A. Each question below carries 1 point 1. Under-sampling results in _____________ 2. ____________ is an estimate of the magnitude of error, typically expressed in terms of a confidence interval within which the error lies. 3. _____________ distribution best describes the dispersion of data in which the measurement variations are completely due to random factors and occurrences in both positive and negative deviations are equally probable 4. ____________ is frequency range in which gain is relatively constant 5. ____________ filter attenuates high frequencies 6. Main advantage of FFT is _______ 7. “Static signals are those for which changes over time are negligible for the intended measurement” True OR False
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Final_Exam_Example_Paper_Spring2010 - SJSU ME120...

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