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124.11-12.Performance Effects.stud - Effects on Performance...

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Effects on Performance Effects on Performance 0. Glycogen depletion 1. Dehydration 0. Compromised thermoregulation 2. Loss of bone mineral density 3. Nutrient deficiency: zinc, iron, Ca+, B vitamins 4. Loss of lean mass 5. Decrease in metabolic rate Cont. 0. Electrolyte imbalances 0. Early muscle fatigue and cramping 1. Cardiac arrhythmia 1. Staleness 2. Chronic fatigue 3. Depressed immune fx 4. Chronic illness 5. Overuse injuries 6. Menstrual dysfx Initially Positive 6. Initially increased performance - honeymoon effect 1. Up-regulates the hypothalamic-pituitary axis 2. Fight or flight response 0. Cortisol, epinephrine and norepinephrine 3. Initial wt loss - if mostly fat - can increase efficiency of movement 4. Feel lighter giving a “psychological” boost However, the longer the restricting, the more decrements in performance Severe or Rapid Weight Loss 7. Glycogen depletion 8. Loss of lean body via gluconeogenisis 5. “Wasting” 2. Protein can be a source of glucose via glucose-alanine cycle 3. Results in 9. Dehydration 4. Impaired thermoregulation 5. Impaired cardiac output
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Calcium deficiency 0. Amenorrhea: cessation of menses for extended time 1. Estrogen’s bone protective effect 0. Ca + absorption from GI tract 1. Ca +
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124.11-12.Performance Effects.stud - Effects on Performance...

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