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Reading Response #10, Section 41 Exhibit #3: “‘Only Connect…’: The Goals of a Liberal Education” by William Cronon 1. What does Cronon mean by the following statement: “We study power and struggle to use it wisely and well”? 2. Consider the following quote: "It is the community that empowers the free individual, just as it is free individuals who lead and empower the community.” Explain the relationship between the community and the free individual as described by Cronon. 3. In the text, Cronon states that “Liberal education is not something any of us ever achieve; it is not a state.” Instead, he believes it is a way of life. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Explain why or why not. 4. Cronon mentions that we still disagree about which curriculum best promotes a
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Unformatted text preview: liberal educations values. How is this supported by Blooms or Deweys ideas? Exhibit #4: Allan Bloom and the Conservative Mind by Jim Sleeper 1. What are the 3 things Sleeper says Bloom mistrusted, and what Bloom stated as saying a universitys culture should be? 2. What does Sleeper mean when he says, "Bloom wanted liberal education to resist both 'whatever is most powerful' and the ''worship of vulgar success?" 3. In Deneen's essay, Bloom describes the role of the university as civilizing the uncivilized. In Sleeper's essay, how is the university defined? What is the university's role? 4. What are some reasons that the underlying themes of Bloom's arguments are different in the eyes of conservatives in the 80's to modern day conservatives?...
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