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Comm. 40 Argumentation and Advocacy Speech #2: Oppositional Debate This is a debate where you will present a 4.5-5 minute constructive speech with a 1 minute rebuttal. You will take one side of an issue and will work with a partner to gather evidence to present both sides of your chosen issue. You and your partner will also cross examine each other during your debate (for approx. 30 sec. to 1 minute) and can have pre-planned questions and answers to the questions. You and your partner will take different sides of an issue, choosing either “pro” or “con” for your particular topic. The topic must be something that can be researched for evidence and it must be relevant to the lives of your audience (the class). It might be an international topic, national topic, or even something about SJSU and it should be stated in the form of a proposition of fact, value or policy. You will be graded separately from your partner. However, I do recommend you share your research and discuss ideas with your partner. There will be
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