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Omaha_Selected_Bibliography - Omaha System Implementation...

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Omaha System: Implementation & Maintenance, P. M. Connolly, SJSU, San Jose, CA Selected Bibliography Barr, R., & Tagg, J. (1995). From teaching to learning: A new paradigm for undergraduate education. Change, 27 (6), 13 –25. Barrera, C., Machanga, M., Connolly, P. M., & Yoder, M. (In Press). Nursing care makes a difference: Application of the Omaha documentation system. Outcomes Management, 70 (4), 1 – 5. Bowles, K. H.(1999, Winter). The Omaha System as a potential bridge between hospital and home care. On-Line Journal of Nursing Informatics [On-Line], 3(1), Available: http://cac.psu.edu/~dxm12/ojni.html . Connolly, P. M. (1998). Omaha: Psychiatric home care case. [On–line], HYPERLINK http://con.ufl.edu/omaha/case19.htm . Connolly, P. M., & Elfrink, V. (2002). Using information technology in community-based psychiatric nursing education: The SJSU/NT project. Home Health Care Management and Practice, 14 (5), 348 – 356 . Connolly, P. M., Huynh, M. T., & Gorney-Moreno, M. J. (1999, Winter). On the cutting edge or over the edge? Implementing the Nightingale Tracker. On-Line Journal of Nursing Informatics
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