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English 1B—Draegan Spring 2010 Essay #1—Argumentation/Rhetorical Analysis In this essay you will be performing a rhetorical analysis by identifying and analyzing the argument (claim and support) in “In Defense of Slow Reading” by Paul M. Davis. Begin by following these steps: ± Identify Davis’ argument and purpose in “In Defense of Slow Reading.” ± Reveal the structural elements of his argument. ± Evaluate how these elements serve his overall purpose. ± Develop an opinion regarding the effectiveness of Davis’ argument. ± Craft an argument of your own that will convince your audience to “see” the text the same way you do. ± Cite textual evidence to support your argument. Then… In a four (4) page essay, analyze the argument in “In Defense of Slow Reading .” Using textual evidence, craft an argument that evaluates how the structural elements of Davis’ argument serve his overall purpose. What’s the Point?
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