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Week_1_Class_Exercise_Research_Review_Spring_2008 - ...

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1 San Jose State University School of Social Work ScWk 242 Edward Cohen Week 1: January 25, 2008 Class Exercise: Review of Research Concepts In groups of three, “test” each other on each of these terms. Each person should assess their own understanding of the concept and check terms that are still unclear or need further study. Use this as your own study guide to review concepts. Concept Notes Needs further study? Types of Measurement: Categorical: Nominal Categorical: Ordinal Continuous: Ratio Continuous: Interval Validity Reliability Measurement error Anonymity vs. confidentiality Informed Consent Consent vs. Assent Data collection methods: Observation Interviews
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2 Concept Notes Needs further study? Focus group Structured survey Secondary data Case file review
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Unformatted text preview: □ Open-ended questions □ Single systems designs: AB □ ABAB □ Experimental designs: Pretest, posttest control group □ Posttest only control group □ Quasi-experimental designs: Pretest, posttest non-equivalent comparison group □ Simple interrupted time series □ Interrupted time series with non-equivalent comparison group □ Pre-Experimental One shot case study □ 1 group pretest posttest □ 3 Concept Notes Needs further study? Posttest only design with non-equivalent comparison group □ Qualitative Approaches: Narrative □ Phenomenological □ Ethnographic □ Grounded Theory □ Case Study □ Sampling frame □ Study population □ Purposive sampling □ Simple random sampling □ Quota sampling □ Systematic random sampling □ Theoretical sampling □...
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  • Cohen,Edward
  • Qualitative Research, nonequivalent comparison group, Case Study Sampling, Narrative Phenomenological Ethnographic Grounded Theory, random sampling Quota

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Week_1_Class_Exercise_Research_Review_Spring_2008 - ...

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