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video - stolen childhoodsNotes - -Disease -Major corps, who...

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Bus 186 Video “Stolen Childhoods” Problems of child labor around the world - chemicals burn their hands and face - get hurt all the time - no medicine for treatment - no payment - No education - 246 million children life is work - Traded - Beaten - Work against their will - No protection by the law - Giving no hope and lowers self confident - Violations of UN - Slave labor - Government does not act to save the lives of these children - Mental and physical suffering - No schooling - International org. and government does not care - Structural adjustment – parents have to pay for school - The market costs of the goods are sold too low through out the world
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Unformatted text preview: -Disease -Major corps, who control the prices of the goods, do not care about the off shore workers, as long as they get a good deal.-What sorts of labor?-Coffee farm picking fruits-Boil and pick the fish-House keeping almost slaves-Making cheap goods-Gravel quarries-Tomb stone marbles-Carpet industry-Auto repair-Tea plantation-Landfills-World wide sex industry-Other agriculture-Products that come in to US, made by child labor-coffee-tomb stone marbles-Carpet industry-...
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video - stolen childhoodsNotes - -Disease -Major corps, who...

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