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Sex, Gender, Sexuality Sex: biological markings Genitalia Hormones (androgens, estrogens) Chromosomes (XX, XY) on continuum Gender Male, female social identities 3 rd th gender categories Sexuality Practices (what you do) Orientation (sexual identity) SEX / GENDER SYSTEMS- vary across cultures
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in U.S. Gender: What it means to be “male” or “female” What is “normal”? Who says what is “normal”? Mainstream v. non- mainstream Variability Ethnicity, race Religion, etc. Worldviews of sexuality:
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Unformatted text preview: – “Conservative” – “Progressive” • Double standard v. single standard “Sexualization” of girls • APA Task Force Report, 2007 • “Sexualization” defined – sense of value deriving from sex appeal or behavior – Attractiveness as “being hot” – Sexual objectification – Inappropriately imposed sexuality • Pervasiveness in U.S. culture • Consequences – Cognitive, emotional – Mental – Physical – Stereotyping – Social impacts on relationships • Alternatives...
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Sex_Gender_in_U.S - – “Conservative” –...

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