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Anthropology 146 Spring 2010 Professor Pandey Midterm 2 Guide Assigned Readings The Mardu Aborigines, Chapters 1, 2, 7 (Reader) Aboriginal Poetry, Story (Reader) New Yorker articles on Aborigines (Reader) Aman, entire book “ New In Town: The Somalis of Lewiston” (Reader) 2. Films Scheduled in Class Rabbit Proof Fence Three Masai Women Have Their Say Somalia: Good Intentions, Deadly Results Talk Mogadishu Be familiar with the following: General concept of ecology Cultural ecology of the aborigines: Fire ecology and food collecting Concepts of the land: The Dreamtime Aboriginal/ Settler relations, the state and anthropologists
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Unformatted text preview: Contemporary problems and conflicts Cultural ecology of Somalis: Pastoralism Pastoral ecology: Nomadism and their specific characteristics Challenges facing pastoral Women Female Circumcision War in Somalia Rebuilding Somalia The recourses available to Indigenous people The relationship between indigenous people and the state Main arguments of the book Aman we read Main arguments of the films we watched What were the indigenous group’s struggles? Who and what was the cause of conflict in Australia and Somalia? What happened to the people, their ecology, environment and their identity?...
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