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HISTORY 188 HISTORY OF WOMEN IN THE U.S. SPRING 2010 HILL FORMAT FOR REVIEW ESSAYS DUE IN CLASS ON MAY 13 Your major writing assignment for this course is a six-page, typed review essay comparing and contrasting Allison Hepler’s and Glenna Matthews’s monographs on working women. The essay will be worth twenty-five percent of your semester grade and is due in class on May 13, 2010. Give your essay a title that foreshadows your analysis. “Review Essay Comparing Hepler and Matthews” is not an adequate title. Two initial analytical paragraphs should identify the thesis of each book. What is each author ’s purpose? What is each author’s argument or interpretation? What is the message each is attempting to convey? Why does it matter? A second two paragraphs should summarize each book’s contents . What do the chapters include? How is each book organized? What historical evidence does each author use to support her argument?
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