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General Psychology: Psychology 001 Term: Fall 2006 San José State University ***** Monday & Wednesday, noon-1:15pm ***** Instructor: Dr. Gregory Feist Office Phone: (408) 924-5617 Office hours end on Dec. 13 Office Location: DMH 313 Final Exam: noon class: Wed, Dec 13, 9:45-noon Email: 3pm class: Thurs. Dec 14, 12:15-2:30pm Class Website: ; go here for all course information, including lecture slides, announcements, and handout; check daily My Website: Important Notes for Students You should check our class website at least once daily . I will post lecture slides, handouts, reminders, and relevant links on our website. Required Materials & Resources: 1. Passer & Smith (2007). Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behavior (3 rd Edition), and its CD_ROM supplemental: “In-Psych Plus” (3 rd edition). You will be tested on some of the material on this CD_ROM, so consider it as a second “textbook.” 2. 50-question Scantron forms (#882) 3. Regular access to a computer, and possession of a wordprocessor program (MS Word or Corel WordPerfect) Course Overview Psychology is a diverse field that seeks to describe, explain, predict, and influence behavior, cognition, emotion, and physiology. As a Social Science, Psychology can offer something of interest to every student, whether one wishes simply to fulfill 3 units of GE credit, to apply the information learned to career objectives, to gain insights into the nature of human experience, to develop understanding of the self and others, or to start on the path to a career in the social and behavioral sciences. This course will cover “the study of perception, attention, learning, remembering, thinking, development of the individual, intelligence, aptitudes, emotion, motivation, adjustment and conflict” (SJSU course catalog) Each student will have the opportunity to develop and demonstrate a working familiarity with classical and current methods, theories, and research in each of the major subdivisions of psychology. This opportunity will allow students to develop and demonstrate an understanding of differences in cultural value orientation, social-instructional contextual realities, and personal-situational construction of everyday life events. This understanding will allow students to evaluate and apply a variety of technical concepts and principles to understanding the behavior of individuals. Accordingly, students will be encouraged to think critically about the content of this course. Students will gain an understanding of how and why people think, feel, and act as they do in adapting to their everyday environments. Such an understanding should enhance each student’s quality of life, educational experience, personal effectiveness, and sense of fulfillment in matters related to health, work, and interpersonal relationships.
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GreenSheet_F06 - General Psychology: Psychology 001 Term:...

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