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Rationale of self-defense instructor training workshops Dr. Gong Chen Crimes of violence are a part of society, and perpetrators of violent crimes are a part of the human population. Violent crimes can happen to people anywhere at any time, and the risk of becoming a victim is a part of daily life of everybody, including school students. Based on 1996- 2006 Uniform Crime Reports, more than one million Americans became victims of violent crimes every year. School age students are the most vulnerable group to the threat of violent crimes. To parents, the safety of their children, free of the threat of violent crimes, is the highest priority in school and in everyday life. Therefore self-defense education should be a top priority of education objectives in schools since self-defense education is the main force that carries on the mission. High quality self-defense education plays a critical role in teaching school students to protect their lives. High quality self-defense education is based on both the quality of the
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