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Ling/Asia 122: English as a World Language Spring 2010 Grading Criteria for Group Oral Presentations (May 4 – May 12, 2010) 8 POINTS In this assignment, you will make a group power-point presentation (2-3 students; 15-20 minutes per group) from a chapter in one of the books placed on reserve in the KLM Library for this course (see course syllabus). All members of the group must present. The group will receive a collective grade for the presentation based on the following criteria: CONTENT (62.5% of total grade, or 5 of the 8 points) 1. Your presentation should be comprehensive, meaning that it covers all of the aspects of the article reported on. 2. Your presentation should include each of the levels in interactive response: Descriptive – After viewing the video, prepare a detailed summary of the highlights of the video. Write about a personal story, historical information, and/or perspective that you viewed in the video. Personal/Interpretive – What new insights did you acquire as a result of the content of
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