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Comm._100W_Reading_Guide_x1 - analyzing strikes her as odd...

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READING GUIDE #1 “Entertainment Wars” by Lynn Spigel Worth 5 points 1. What is the research question/s? 2. What is her thesis? (It can be more than one sentence.) 3. What is her purpose/goal for writing this article? 4. We’ve discussed the step-by step process of a rhetorical criticism. Try to identify her “puzzle” . In other words, what rhetorical strategy of the text(s) she is
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Unformatted text preview: analyzing strikes her as odd or puzzling? What is her solution or answers to this puzzle? In other words, but is her “new” interpretation to these texts other than the original meaning? 5. Who is her audience; who is her article written to/for; and who does she hope to affect? 6. What kind of voice does she express? What is her tone?...
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