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RD1-Wine better than Beer(OPP)

RD1-Wine better than Beer(OPP) - 1 This House believes that...

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Opposition To: The House believes that wine is better than beer When comparing wine and beer, the house should not believe that wine is better than beer, according to a medical website, Health, wine is worse for the brain than beer. The scientist who did this research claim that drinking wine damages the brain more than beer or spirits. They say it affects the part of the brain that is connected with memory and spatial awareness. This information would be good if it was cited more properly with more specific evidence, like Dr. Smith of Mayo Clinic found that people who regularly consumed a glass of wine a day had more brain damage than people who consumed a glass of beer a day (this is made up; do NOT use this fake evidence in your debate). When evidence is cited vaguely and without specifics (or works cited), it is not believable. The background information should be more compelling than this vague evidence.
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