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Interpreting a Research Article 30 Points Answer the following questions for the research article – Effect of iron, iodine and B-carotene- fortified biscuits on the micronutrient status of primary school children . Introduction : 1. What background information is given to show why this research study is important? 2. Did the authors make it clear what their purpose was for the research? If so, what is it? : 3. What study design was used? Explain your answer. 4. Who did the researchers have to receive approval from before beginning the study? 5. Based on what you know about secondary malnutrition , how could parasitic infestations distort the study results? 6. How did the researchers maintain compliance? Results : 7. The research assessed micronutrient status, growth (anthropometric status), cognitive function, and illness (morbidity). What results (data) showed statistically significant
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Unformatted text preview: changes compared to the control group? 8. What Tables and/or Figures were most helpful with understanding the data? How were they helpful? Discussion : 9. Were limitations acknowledged? What are some limitations of the research design? 10. To what population(s) can we generalize the relevance of the results? (Hint: What population did they study; i.e. age group, economic level, nutritional status, etc.) 11. Did the study confirm previous research & therefore add more depth to scientific beliefs or did the results make a departure from current research on this subject? Explain your answer. 12. What advantages of fortification did the results demonstrate? Additional : 13. Do you have any ethical concerns with the research? Why, why not? Hunger and Environmental Nutrition 1...
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