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The Broadway Cafe(2)

The Broadway Cafe(2) - The Broadway Caf Collaboration MS1...

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Unformatted text preview: The Broadway Caf Collaboration MS1 Team Aces Grant Wollen Pamela Gee Leo Lei Tim Armour Paula Sullivan Collaboration Definition An ITbased set of tools that supports the work of teams by facilitating the sharing and flow of information. Allows people and organizations to leverage and build upon the ideas and talents of staff, suppliers, and customers. Types of Collaboration Unstructured Collaboration includes document exchange, shared whiteboards, discussion forums, and email. participation in business processes, such as workflow, in which knowledge is hard coded as rules. Structured Collaboration involves shared Collaboration Systems Four professional types of collaboration Knowledge management system Content management system Workflow management system Groupware systems Why We Chose Unstructured Cheaper Utilize tools that are available over the Internet Retain talent and expertise of current employees Expand business knowledge of current and future employees Groupware Systems Software that supports team interaction and dynamics including calendaring, scheduling, and video conferencing Ex. Videoconferencing, web conferencing, instant messaging Why? Faster, easier form of communication/problem solving, reduce travel & still unite people's ideas, save time & costs Types of Collaboration Tools Interactive Website to attract a younger crowd Online Forums to get immediate feedback Weekly Newsletter to keep our customers informed of past and future events Contests to get active participation with the community Elearning Web based training for employees Electronic Communication Tools Forums message boards Newsletter Employee web pages, online chat, polls/surveys, suggestions/complaints board Pictures of events Post upcoming events Announcement of employee/customer news Publish promotions Management Tools Online scheduling/Electronic Calendaring Allows for management to post employee schedules online anonymous Allows employees to always be aware of their schedule Abolishes the "I forgot what time I worked" Can create area to post requests for personal time off Makes "swapping shifts" easier/convenient Management Tools ELearning (Web based training) Allows for testing of knowledge test basic customer service knowledge test knowledge of coffee preparation Test knowledge of any food prep This allows for routine testing to ensure quality service is being provided Can be administered every 6 months or as needed Additional benefits from the collaboration tools Increase customers loyalty and retention Understand what customers wants and their expectation Maintain good quality Develop new product People who access our website for community events information will also get the information of our caf Attract new customer Summary Definition of Collaboration Types of Collaboration Groupware Systems Collaboration Tools Q & A ...
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  • Aggarwal,Nitin
  • Enterprise content management, Collaborative software, Groupware, Café Collaboration MS1, groupware systems

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