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Research Paper Assignment for English 100W Exploring Modern Southern Literature 1. Choose one of the following southern writers: McElwee, Williams, Faulkner, Penn Warren, Gaines, Smith, Cable, Chopin, Hurston, Wright, O’Connor. 2. If you choose, McElwee; watch another film. If you choose Williams, read another play. If you choose a fiction writer, read a collection of stories or a novel. 3. Draft a proposal for an analytical research paper on this writer. Sample proposals: This paper will explore the relationship between the personal and the political in two films by McElwee. This paper will analyze imagery drawn from the natural world in specific works of fiction by Ernest Gaines. This paper will discuss the comic voice in specific works of fiction by William Faulkner. 4. Research requirement: 8 sources (minimum), in addition to the primary texts. These
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Unformatted text preview: 8 sources must be scholarly or academic or professional works--regardless of whether they are available electronically or in print. Further, one of these 8 must be either an interview with the author, or a critical essay about fiction or drama or filmmaking by the author. Wikipedia does not count as an academic source. 5. Write a paper in the following format. Length: 3000 words, typed, double-spaced, font no larger than 12 Margins, etc: Use MLA guidelines for parenthetical documentation, margins, and works cited page; no cover page or folders; just staple Due dates: Proposal: by email on March 16 Library Day: MLK, Room 217, March 18 Proposed Bibliography: by email on April 6 Thesis: by email on April 13 Final Works Cited sheet: by email on April 27 Final Draft: due on F0221, May 11...
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