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SAN JOSÉ STATE UNIVERSITY School of Social Work Research Sequence ScWk 242 Spring 2008 Assignment #1: Interview Protocol ( Due at the start of class, 2/8/08 ) This exercise is the development of an interview protocol. Although interviews are often associated with qualitative research, quantitative data can also be collected via interviews. The goal of this assignment is to develop a draft of an interview protocol useful to collect data for your hypothetical project. It will also serve as a means to triangulate qualitative data with your quantitative data, i.e., to collect in-depth information necessary to answer your research question in order to compliment the quantitative data you would use to test your hypothesis. Preparation: 1. Reread ScWk 240/242 research proposal. If you do not have a qualitative component in your research methodology, add one, or pretend you have one for the purpose of this exercise. 2. Please refer to Rubin, Babbie, and Lee (Chapter 18), Creswell (Chapter 7) and other class materials for more information and tips regarding interviewing. Assignment Format: (10 pages maximum … it’s not as long as you think) 1. Research Proposal Title Page (1 page, in APA format) 2. Summary (2 pages maximum, APA style): Write your research statement, “This research examines...” Identify one or two main QUALITATIVE research questions that guide your overall aim of your proposal. These overarching research questions are not necessarily the actual ones you ask in an interview, but they are the ones you must ultimately address in your research from the data you collect using your interview guide. State your population, sampling frame, sampling method, and sample size relevant to a qualitative component in order to identify your hypothetical interviewees. Identify how you will implement your interview, i.e., telephone, face-to-face, focus group, etc. Make sure it is a practical method given your project topic, and one that will net the most useful information to answer your research question(s). Identify what kind of interview you will conduct i.e., structured, informal conversational, standardized open-ended interview, etc. Identify how long the interview will take. Identify and briefly describe your prospective interview site. Briefly explain how you will obtain informed consent from participant(s), as well as other possible ethical considerations.
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