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Empowering Editing: On Building a Proofreading Guide A Proofreading Guide is: An empowering approach to editing; A customized list of your unique patterns of error; A process that grows and changes to suit your needs Five Simple Steps Reflect carefully on your past written work. Identify the patterns of error in your own writing. Build your proofreading guide. Use your proofreading guide! Revise and repeat when necessary. Reflect on Your Past Written Work Gather any work upon which others have provided you with grammatical feedback. o You might review class papers (e.g., BUS 200W) or documents you prepared for work. Work individually or with a partner to clarify that editorial feedback. Identify Patterns of Error Most of us make patterned errors. Once we locate a pattern, then we can learn to alter it. Of your readers’ comments, can you discern any patterns? Work individually or with a peer to find 3-5 patterns of error.
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Comm._100W_Empowering_Editing___Shannonxs_overhead -...

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