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Comm20NavarreteInformativeSp - Name Communicatibn 20 Sec 3L...

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Name: Communicatibn 20, Sec 3L INFORMATIVE OUTLINE -eut of 50 points Universal Format tt}- Proofread (11 ,/ Comments: tt 2 =2t Conclusion: 5 3 components (1) ""y5 points Creativity/deve lopment (2) Review/Relevance(2),'/ APA Format: 4 out of 10 points At least for sourceef+ 1- Internal/ln-text citations{ ) Bibliography F)- 3
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Ay',^ ot,2bt Comm.20 Informative Speech Topic: Body Language Organuation Pattern: Topical Pattern Specifie Purpose: To enhance the audience's knowledge about body language, specifically focusing on a party parts that show emotion. Primary Audience Outcome: The audience will be able to walk out of the classroom with a more effsetive understanding of what emotions are shown in body language and what to look for. Thesis: In a social situatioq it can be very helpftl for you to understand how the body eoordinates in unison to express differertt emotions through gestures, pstures, and especially faaial expressions. INTROI}UCTION Attention Getter: My attention getter is a silent demonst:ation of my personal body language- I will hold up index cards that display emotions and demonstrate them through body language. I will include emotions such as excitement, being pissed offl and jokingly include other things zuch as p-m.s- or an imitation of a classmate. (Humor/*ctivity) Psychologieal Orientation: It's social chaos out there. How do you know what people are thinking, feeling, wanting needing? Don't you wish you could just read minds?
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