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Groupmediacriticism - Listen Speak Engage Media Criticism...

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Listen • Speak • Engage Media Criticism: Resources for panel discussion COMM-recommended example: Spigel, L. (2004). Entertainment wars: Television culture after 9/11. American Quarterly, 56, 235-270. Example of student work: These student papers are available on K. Kahn’s faculty web page under Online Resources/Documents: http:// www.sjsu.edu/people/kathryn.kahn/courses/comm100W/ “Hip-Hop Music and Its Impact in America,” an autoethnographic media criticism in MLA format “The Simpsons and Reality,” a media criticism in APA format Informational links that may be useful: Article by Naomi Rockler-Gladen, What Is Media Criticism? http://medialiteracy.suite101.com/article.cfm/how_to_write_media_criticism Media Criticism Individual Presentations Your group will serve as a panel and present ideas about writing a media criticism to the class. Each person will be responsible for reading and reporting on some specific example or aspect or idea. Some suggestions are below.
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