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ME 15 Fa09 (4) Monthly Update

ME 15 Fa09 (4) Monthly Update - but nowadays it’s been a...

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ME 15 Dr. Barez Monthly Report 4: December The shortest and longest month of the semester is passing. It seems so long because most of the time it is spent at school. It is short in terms of days we spend in school. The break is coming near but only after a week constant mental workouts. I am glad for the ME15 giving us time study and work on projects. The finals are not that hard to prepare for but time consuming. Being involved in a club and school keeps a person busy. I used to only spend half days at school
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Unformatted text preview: but nowadays it’s been a 12hour days. As I learn more it is easier to conceptualize the idea relating to it but it is painful to write them down and stare at a screen for hours straight. One of the best things about engineering is the amount of fields it has. There is absolutely nothing engineering hasn’t affected. This semester is another semester that proves to be interesting and difficult but rewarding....
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