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SAN JOSÉ STATE UNIVERSITY School of Nursing – Graduate Newsletter Number 49 – Spring (December 2009) Mission: Provide innovative education in the art and science of professional nursing while empowering our baccalaureate and masters graduates to be socially and ethically responsible and knowledgeable clinicians, leaders, and scholars who will meet the changing healthcare needs of a diverse global community. Graduate Coordinator Update Really, there is nothing permanent except change Resilience is what I believe we increased during this semester. The program and the students have been challenged both personally and academically. We were faced with budget cutbacks which resulted in a limited number of admissions, mandatory furloughs, and a need to assess all our courses so that enrollment would meet the costs. And, we are continually assessing this. This disappointed some students and faculty, however, I believe we have a streamlined program that meets student progression and is fiscally responsible. We appreciate the cooperative spirit of the students, faculty, and staff as we made the hard choices. It is very important to read the Graduate Newsletter, the Nursing website, and your e-mails as we make changes and some may occur even after this Newsletter. We would like to acknowledge and thank the Co-Directors, Ruth Rosenblum and Karen Ketner for the Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) program for their extraordinary work over the years. They completed teaching the last of the FNP courses this semester. Two MS FNP and 3 Post-MS students completed their course work this fall. Of course there will still be support as the students finish other core courses to complete their degree and apply for the FNP license with the CA Board of Registered Nursing. We are very interested in working with the Co- Directors and former alumni to explore the possibility of a DNP with other University collaborators. This does seem to be the trend for NP advancement. Acknowledgement and thank you is also in order for the faculty who are serving as First and Second Advisors for student projects. Eight students finished their Orals on December 9 th with outstanding presentations and 18 more students were just assigned and hope to be finished for May 18, 2010 Orals. The Graduate Curriculum Committee was very busy this semester and completed work which was initiated last Spring including: (a) revising NURS 295; (b) revising and scheduling APSci 201, Statistical Data Analysis for Research which will be taught by Dr. Shifflett each fall. The course will meet the required “update” statistics of new admissions and will become a required option course in the Nurse Educator Option; (c) reviewed and enhanced all courses in the graduate program emphasizing statistics, and a faculty development workshop on statistics was attended by 17 faculty; (d) the new Librarian, Valeria Monteni provided a workshop for students on APA; (e) we received University approval for the Post Master’s Nurse Educator Certificate; (f) a new required Orientation day for new students was piloted and received excellent evaluations; (g) Dr. Mao and I
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rev2Spring2010GraduateNewsletter12-10-09 - SAN JOS STATE...

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