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EDUCATIONAL TOPIC LIST 2010 NAME 1.  Leisure Values Identification/Values  Clarification Amanda 2.  Leisure Resources  Awareness/Identification 3.  Defense mechanisms Charmaine 4.  Breathing Techniques Newton 5.  Meditation Amanda 6.  Social Skills Training (Specific skill)  7.  Non-violent communication Mike 8.  Sensory Training/Stimulation (LTC, DD) Natalie 9.  Assertiveness Skill Building Mikako 10. Cognitive Restructuring/triple column Rafael 11. Cognitive Distortions  Russell 12. Emotions identification/expression
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Unformatted text preview: Jeric 13. Relaxation Training (a specific technique) 14. Body Centered Therapy 15. Anger Management/expression 16. Leisure Awareness 17. Family Caregiver Education 18. Personal Boundaries Caroline 19. Magnification techniques Newton 20. Communication principle Jason 21. 5 flags of non-verbal communication Ralph 22. Cognitive behavioral techniques 23. Behavior Modification Holly 24. Ambiguous Loss Tiffany 25. Non-Verbal communication 26. Problem solving...
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