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Managerial Accounting Practice Exam I Chapters 1r2r3 1. Managerial accounting places considerable weight on: A. generally accepted accounting principles. B. the financiai history of the entity. C. ensuring that all transactions are properl,v- recorded. D. detailed segment reports about departments, products. and customers. 2.The phase of accounting concerned with oroviding information to managers for use in planning and controlling operations and in decision making is called: _{ throughput time. !Br' managerial accounting. C. financial accounting. D. controlling. 3. For a manufacturing company, what type of position (line or staff) is each of the following? Mana-ger of a Data Manaser of a Produotion Processing Department Departrnent d) C. D. 4. StafF Staff Line Line (r Staff Line Staff Line is an exampie of a iine position. A. Controller for a merchandising company B. Chief financial officer of a merchandising company [QStore manager for Best Bry | ,' - ) D. Human resources manager for a community college \( 5. Which of the following is NOT one of the three major customer value propositions discussed in the text? A. customer intimacv i- p, discount pricing C. operational excellence D. product leadership i $- "--.). . 6. One consequence of a change from a p.rs6 to a properly impl em ent"d-p.Ul! producti on rr r,.li .1,, u"' A. an increase in work in process inventories. @ un extremely difficult cultural change due to enforced
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Mdtrm1PracticeExambus21.pdf - (r Managerial Accounting...

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