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English 1B—Draegan Spring 2010 Reading Response #5 After engaging in a critical, careful, thorough read of “Strange Bedfellows,” respond to the following questions. Please give full, detailed responses. 1. From your reading of the first section, what do you think this article is about? 2. Regarding education, what does Deneen state are Bloom’s views? Dewey’s? 3. Despite their differences, how does Deneen suggest Bloom and Dewey are similar in their regard to education?
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Unformatted text preview: 4. What do you think Deneen means by the term “liberal education?” 5. According to Deneen, how does Dewey describe traditional education? What is Dewey’s criticism of this type? 6. According to Deneen, what does Dewey mean by the term “cultural transmission?” 7. Explain the terms “savage” and “civilized” as they relate to this discussion and each other. 8. According to Deneen, what does Dewey believe an education should do?...
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