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Day 2 Completed homework? Turn in Student Information Form Focused Free Writing Read some journal entries Review Chapter Ch. 1 Understanding Behavior I. Role of Genetics – Project A A. Twin Studies II. Physiological influences and Physical Appearance A. Head Injuries/Brain Abnormalities B. Hormones C. Arousal Levels D. Diet – Evaluate what you eat. E. Physical Appearance 1. Body Type F. Illness and Disability III. Learning Influences A. Era B. Urban vs. Rural Background
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Unformatted text preview: C. Birth Order 1. Operant Conditioning D. Demographics: Gender, race, and culture; think about events influencing your values/attitudes E. Media IV. When is our personality set? V. Situational Factors A. Behavior of others B. Time and resource limitations C. Competing values D. Alternatives E. Cognitive Reasoning 1. Drugs/Alcohol 2. Emotion Review Project B Project C (for portfolio)...
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