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Measure? _ measurand and an output. Research Investigation_ Product (or process) Development_ Performance Testing_ Operational Monitoring_ System Control Error is the difference between the measured value and the true value. Uncertainty is an estimate of the magnitude of error, typically expressed in terms of a confidence interval within which the error lies. Systematic error (or bias error) is repeatable Random error is not predictable Accuracy of a measurement is the closeness to true value, and quantified uncertainty. Repeatability is the degree of reproducing the same result among multiple measurements that applied under identical measurement conditions. Resolution is the capability of distinguishing individual units separately from one another. Sensitivity of measurement device is the ratio of change in output to change in input, and is manifested as the slope of the output-vs.-measurand “line”.
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Unformatted text preview: Tolerance is the acceptable deviation from a target value, or the range of acceptable limits with respect to a target value. externally imposed. Analog signals after digitization (sampling +quantization) are processed by digital systems. The Nyquist Theorem specifies that no analog signal must have frequencies greater than half the sampling frequency. Fmax<=0.5 SF. Analog inputs converted to digital values are subject to quantizing error. Multiplexing-MUX is an essentially an Electronic Switch using which the computer reads information from various channels one at a time Potentiometer is an a variable voltage divider-.used for measurement is a type of bridge circuit for measuring voltages by comparison between a small fraction of the voltage V0=(x/L)Vs tachometer is a device that measures angular velocity....
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