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1 SAN JOSÉ STATE UNIVERSITY School of Social Work Research Sequence ScWk 242 Spring 2008 Written Assignment #4 (Due at the beginning of class __/__/__) Please write in no more than 17 pages total: *** The title page, abstract, appendices, and references ARE NOT included in the page limit 1) Your REVISED introduction (3 points) including the appropriate components. Note that you should have moved your hypothesis and/or research question formulated in the first assignment to the end of the literature review. Remember that a research statement, a hypothesis, and a research question are 3 different concepts. Make sure you know the difference among these. 2) Your REVISED literature review (5 points) including the appropriate components: background, theory, “body” sections, and hypothesis(es) and/or research question(s) which were moved from the introduction to the end of the literature review. 3) Your REVISED methods (7 points) which includes: a. Research Design – Identifying and describing the specific design or method for the quantitative and/or qualitative components of your study, i.e., cross- sectional survey research, classical experimental design, phenomenology, ethnography, etc. b. Sample – Identifying and describing: i. Sampling frame, specific sampling method with procedures (i.e., simple random sampling, convenience sampling, etc.), and your anticipated sample size ii. Demographic description, in general, of your prospective participants c. Study Site – Identifying and describing where your study will take place d. Variables and Measurement, and/or Themes - Including: i. Operational definition for all quantifiable variables (including controls) and/or description of qualitative themes consistent with your study’s model ii. Description of quantitative and/or qualitative instruments, for example, a detailed description of the survey and example items for a
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2 quantitative measure, and/or the questions asked in an interview. Also include a discussion about the reliability and validity of these instruments. iii. Description of procedures for establishing the credibility, trustworthiness, and verification for qualitative data. iv. Also refer to the appendix where sample items and/or copies of your instruments will be placed as part of the paper. e. Human Subjects Considerations – Describing how you will obtain informed consent, ensure participants’ confidentiality or anonymity, protect them from harm, and submit your proposal to an IRB for review and approval. f. Procedures and Data Collection Techniques – Describing the procedures of your study, and if you are conducting an intervention, program, or treatment, a description of your curriculum. g.
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Assignment_4_directions - SAN JOS STATE UNIVERSITY 1 School...

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