His15A-Journal #2

His15A-Journal #2 - ' --ia:a^ ^r/rhlems fOr HiSt 15A

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Unformatted text preview: ' --ia:a^ ^r/rhlems fOr HiSt 15A JOUfnalSGradeCheckCriteriaAl{1 <<4tt paper is clearly written (no grammatical or spelling errors) and well-organized.It summarizes the main points asked in the questions of the prompt for OUTOF MANY in the l't paragraph.It sumrnarizes, in the second paragraph, the main points in the prompt forchapters either by Howard Zinn or Ronald Takaki.It also, in the second paragraph, compares and contrasts the readings of OUTOF MANY to either Zinnor Takaki.It dernonstrates that the student has grappled with the issues raised in thereading and lecture, synthesized the material, and formulated a compelling,independent argument.It also inclg5les reading examples to prove your points and cites, in endnotes,where us( fowd these readine exarnoles.B)J1Afifrcal"B" paper is a solid work that demonstrates that the student has alp6odgrasp on the material.A typical "B" paper provides only a summary or reiteration of ideas andinformation already covered in the literature, with no evidence...
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His15A-Journal #2 - ' --ia:a^ ^r/rhlems fOr HiSt 15A

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