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Humanities 2A Fall, 2009 Modern Era Rostankowski Final Exam Study Guide Please use the following to prepare to explain the terms listed below. Be sure also to review your midterm exam from earlier this semester, and your slide lists from the art lectures to assist you in preparing for your final examination. the natural human General Will Hobbes’ Social Contract John Locke’s Social Contract British policies toward American colonies (after 1750; after 1763) major social groups in France (3) grievances of major French social groups Jeffersonian Democracy Washington – Jefferson – Hamilton Jacksonian Democracy – elements of Romantic music - features of task of Critique of Pure Reason idealism/anti-materialism/skepticism Categorical Imperative US Constitution checks and balances Magna Carta Bacon’s aspects of mind Women in the Enlightenment, rhetoric Estates General Marbury v Madison Industrial Revolution Schiller – Goethe Romantic paintings and painters
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