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gaming article - institutes put out good reviews it means...

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Business Article Mrs. Johnson Business 10
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The National Institute on Media and the Family released a surprising report recently regarding the gaming industries rating system and retail policies. It is a conservative watchdog group that, for years, has repeatedly criticized and chastised the gaming industry for improperly warning parents and families about the contents in their games. But this time the gaming industry received nearly all A’s in its reviews. As one might have noticed, the gaming industry is one of the if not the fastest growing industry in the US and possibly the world. Since huge companies such as Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are so largely invested in the industry, it is crucial that they do all they can to receive admirable reviews from every source possible. Their business relies very heavily on families, kids, and teenagers wanting to buy their products. When
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Unformatted text preview: institutes put out good reviews it means more parents will be willing to purchase a variety of games for their young kids and teenagers. To put it simply, good reviews equal an increase in sales. When sales increase the industry and companies can expand. When they expand it creates more jobs and more economic promise in our capitalistic society. One aspect of business marketing is the product image and the brand name. They are two important factors that make some one purchase your product over another. If that image and or name is tarnished in anyway you are very likely to see a significant drop in sales. Therefore it is crucial to maintain good ethical procedures to quiet all critiques, competition, and opponents....
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gaming article - institutes put out good reviews it means...

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