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LEISURE JOURNALS INDEX - Journal of Leisure Research...

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LEISURE JOURNALS INDEX http://www.cfs.purdue.edu/tourism/pages/scholars/scho_Sources_Recreationlinks.html# 12 Annals of Leisure Research Australian Leisure Man agement Current Therapeutic Research From SD (95v56-) 615.505 C936 Human Dimensions of Wildlife Journal of the Canadian Association for Leisure Studies Journal of Interpretation 333.7805 As78j Journal of Leisurability 615.8515 L535 Journal of Leisure Property
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Unformatted text preview: Journal of Leisure Research 790.072 J826 • Journal of Park and Recreation Administration 790.069 J826 • Leisure Sciences From TF (99v1-) 790.05 L535 • Leisure Studies From TF ( 96v15-) 790.013505 L535 • Loisir et Societe/Society and Leisure 301.5705 L835 790.05 So13 • Managing Leisure • Visions in Leisure and Business 790.06905 V825 • World Leisure & Recreation Association Journal • World Leisure Journal...
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