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English 1A Fall 2009 Section 7 T/Th 0730-0845 SH 229 Section 17 T/Th 0900-1015 SH 229 Instructor: Craig Lore Office Hours: T/Th 1030-1200 & by arrangement Office: FO 221 Phone: 924-4505 http://www.sjsu.edu/faculty_and_staff/faculty_detail.jsp?id=750 Email: [email protected] One must learn by doing the thing. For though you think you know it, you have no certainty until you try. —Sophocles Everybody is talented, original, and has something important to say. —Brenda Ueland Course Description and Goals : English IA is the first in SJSU’s two-part composition sequence; it provides an introduction to college-level composition. Since a college career requires an extensive amount of reading and writing, this course is designed to enhance both skills. Students learning objectives will include 1) reading a variety of texts to recognize excellence in writing, 2) analyzing various writings to discover effective writing styles and methodologies 3) responding to the readings in writing and discussion to discover significance and theses, 4) writing, both formal and informal, to gain experience and mastery of grammar, punctuation, and mechanics, 5) recognizing the need to write clear, concise prose. Required Texts and Materials : Reading Critically, Writing Well: A Reader and a Guide . 8 th Ed. Axelrod & Cooper The Everyday Writer: 4 th Ed. Andrea A. Lunsford The American Heritage Dictionary , paperback One blank, bound Mead composition book Four (4) large blue books for in-class essays One (1) yellow test book Two to three double-pocket folders Writing : You will write eight essays total: a baseline, four out-of-class, and four in-class. The first in-class, the baseline essay, will not be graded. You must complete all eight essays to be eligible to pass the course . According to department guidelines, you must write a minimum of 8000 words, not including the final exam, notebook writing, quizzes, or any informal assignments. Writing informs, influences, and/or persuades, and each of us is capable of altering the space around us through clear writing directed to a specific audience for a distinct purpose. Every student will choose a major theme, centered on an issue that is important and significant to that student, upon which to focus all eight of his or her essays. As the essays progress during the semester from more personal to more informative, students will employ additional resources from interviews, the library, and/or the internet. Write out-of-class essays using Times New Roman, 12-point font, in MLA format (we will go over MLA format in class). You will be actively involved in peer editing. Essays without
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Lore 2 peer-review will lose credit for that portion of the assignment. Save all of your written work: You will need it at the end of the class.
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