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Comm. 40 Engagement 4: Parliamentary Debate Evaluation Watch three parliamentary debates (YouTube, parliamentary debate workshop, etc.) and write a paragraph describing each debate. Your write up should be approximately 500-1000 words. Please indicate where you viewed this debate (online, during a workshop, etc.); what was the proposition being debated and what teams were debating. While watching the debate please identify and discuss the following factors: 1. What role did the burden of proof play in the debate? How did the affirmative team attempt to meet this burden? 2. What role did presumption play in this debate?
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Unformatted text preview: 3. How did the affirmative team answer the stock issues for their case? 4. What specific strategies discussed in Crossman did the opposition use in the debate? 5. In your opinion, who do you think had the stronger case? Why? 6. How do you plan to use what you viewed to strengthen your debate? This write-up should be typed and turned in on April 27 th in class, no email submissions accepted. Be prepared to discuss your findings with your debate group in class. You write-up and your participation in class will be worth 25pt.s....
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