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N : #sh, P rice, B : loan, M : (Maint) Margin, HPR : Hold Prd Rtrn, R eturn D eposit, S : Proceed from sale, r : rate of return, K : % Price Increase Total Dollar Return=SH(S-P) R = (S-P)/S {each year} Arithmetic Avg Rtn =∑R t /N Geometric=∏(1+R t ) (1/N) -1 Var=∑(R t -Ŕ) 2 /N-1 Margin = EQ/Value Position Marg Loan = (N x P)-B Margin Require = B/(NxP) Return w/o Margin = S-P{+Div}/P Return w/ Margin = [(NxS)-(NxP)-B]/B Margin Call = P = [(D+S)/N]/(M+1) Margin Price = P = (B/N)/(1-M) EAR=(1+HPR) m -1 HPR=Sell-Buy/Buy NxP(M+1)=D+S Asset Stock price from Div Yld P
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Unformatted text preview: =Div/Yld Proceed short |Short loan Stock price P-NT CHGE=P 1 Deposit |Equity EPS = P /PE = NInc/SH outstanding Total Asset |TL&E NAV = TA-TL/SH DJIA(30) =P i,t /D adj,t LOAD = P 1-P /P 1 Price wt div =d= A+B/2+C/(A+B+C/3) Price wt (Beg + End)/N Value wt [(Beg x sh)+(End x sh)]/N Div Discount Constant g rate Div Disc Constant Perp g (kg)V o =D o (1+g) [ 1-(1+g) t ] (g<k)V = D (1+g) = D 1 r-g [ (1+r) ] r-g r-g (k=g) V =T x D K=(S/P)-1...
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