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Class 4 - Your working claim is due via email on Monday...

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Homework Monday 2/8/10 For Wednesday, 2/10/10, complete the following: Begin thinking about your Working Claim for Essay #1. You will need to write 1 or 2 paragraphs that address the bullets at the top of your prompt for Essay #1. This is part of the process for developing a thesis. o Using the Davis text, refer to your prompt for Essay #1and follow the steps on Envision pgs 21-3. o For reference, see DKHB pgs. 100-3, 146-7, & 122 o There is an example of an effective rhetorical analysis (what I am asking you to do for Essay #1) beginning on page 122 of DKHB. If you want to know what your finished product needs to do, read this example!
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Unformatted text preview: Your working claim is due via email on Monday 2/15. In the subject line of your email, type the following: ± Your name. ± Your section number. ± “Working Claim.” For example: “Kolette Draegan 74 Working Claim.” • Read : DKHB 100-103. • Print and read the Student Sample Essay. The essay is located on my website in your course section under “Texts.” Bring this to class on 2/10 along with the English 1B rubric from your syllabus. • Reading Response #3—MyCompLab Grammar Diagnostic 1. See instructions on the prompt located on my website in your course section under “Reading Responses.”...
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