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May 3, 2010 TO: Project Advisor FROM: Phyllis M. Connolly, Graduate Coordinator Oral Examinations are scheduled for May 18, in the Health Building, Room 407. As most Project Advisors know, the students are eligible for orals if the project manuscript is finished enough so that the student can clearly explain the methodology and findings. The details of what students need to do will be in their letter and more information is provided both in the course description of NURS 297, and the Graduate Newsletter. The NURS 297 syllabus has the signature sheet and it has been sent to the students and it is available at my Faculty Web page also available at Please note your time and date for Orals at the end of this letter. For the Power Point presentations, on December 9 th in HB 407 students need to: 1. E-mail their Power Point File to Ajay Pinnapu at [email protected] by 5/10/10. 2. Limit their slides to 15 since they will have only 15 minutes for their presentation.
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