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Reading Response 5 - (Thursday Feb 16 What do you really...

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Comm 115P/241R Comm & Conflict in Small Groups Professor Shawn Spano Reading Response 5: Midterm Reflection Please use this assignment to tell me about where you are at in our course, in terms of dialogue facilitation and event design. This is not a test! I don’t have any expectations about your ability or desire to engage in dialogue. What I am looking for is your candid self assessment . I want this response to benefit both of us: You because it will help you assess your progress and what you want/need to work on; me because I will know you better, and it will help me shape the rest of the course. Directions : Use the questions below as prompts to stimulate your thinking. You do not need to answer every question, only those that are meaningful and relevant to you. Please type your response - 2 pages maximum - and turn it in on the day we discuss it in class
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Unformatted text preview: (Thursday, Feb 16). What do you really think about dialogue? Do you understand it? Is there anything else about dialogue that you would you like to learn? What is it? What are your personal strengths in performing dialogue? What do you enjoy? What do you do well? What are you good at? o As a participant? o As a facilitator? o As a recorder? o As someone who helps design and plan dialogues? What areas of dialogue do you want to develop? What do you want to improve? What skills do you want to learn and practice? We will start focusing on the applied activities more directly in the next few weeks. What are you looking forward to? What concerns do you have? What can I do to help? What can you do? What can the class do?...
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