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english 71 schedule-3

english 71 schedule-3 - 7 Discuss GFP"The Little...

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Schedule for Introduction to Creative Writing English 71, Section 3 - Spring 2010 Texts: GFP=A Garden of Forking Paths R=Reed H=Handout CLASS ASSIGNMENT DUE THAT DAY NONFICTION Feb. 1 1. Introduction to the course & creative nonfiction In class writing: personal essay on a turning point in your life Feb.8 2. Discuss GFP "Discussion of the Genre"; "The Undertaking"; "On Being a Cripple" Self Portrait diagnostic due Feb. 15 PRESIDENTS' DAY – NO CLASS Feb. 22 3. Discuss GFP "Eat or Die"; "The Liar's Club"; "Borrrinnng!"; R “How to Tell Your Aunt and Uncle You Want to Marry Their Daughter” Workshops begin Mar. 1 4. Discuss GFP "A Youth in Asia"; "Shooting Dad"; "Tortoises"; H "This Teeming Ark" FICTION Mar. 8 5. Discuss GFP "Discussion of the Genre"; "Strays"; "Lust"; "Because My Father Always Said" Mar. 15 6. Discuss GFP "Bigfoot Stole My Wife"; “Brownies"; R "The Downside of Redemption" Mar. 22
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Discuss GFP "The Little Knife"; "In the Box Called Pleasure" Mar. 27 – Apr. 4 SPRING BREAK! Apr. 5 8. Discuss GFP "A Private Landscape"; "Work" POETRY Apr. 12 9. Discuss GFP “Discussion of the Genre"; "Thinking About the Poet Larry Levis"; "Transfer"; R "The Man Inside the Chipmunk Suit"; "In Quiet Moments"; "A Simple Act"; "35 MM"; "Filling Station"; "Dénouement" Apr. 19 10. Discuss GFP "The Narrative Poem" (p. 349); "To an Unknown Poet"; "Cold Glow: Icehouses"; "Amends"; "Poem to a Jazz Man"; R "The Woman on the Lawnmower"; "Coughing My Father's Cough" Apr. 26 FURLOUGH DAY May 3 11. Discuss GFP "Desert Footage"; R "Middle Manage-ment"; H Triolet poems May 10 12. Discuss H "How to Write a Sonnet"; H "How to Write a Haiku" Write a sonnet Write a haiku May 17 13. Review and final workshop May 24 14. FINAL PORTFOLIOS DUE. TEARFUL FAREWELLS....
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