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Objectives The study and exploration of letterform anatomy and modular grid with emphasis on figure ground and minimal form information. Brief Part A: Create several effective abstracted compositions by cropping and composing a selected exterior or interior portion of the first letter of your first and last name. One letter must be white, the other black. Use typefaces created by the type designers listed below, to layer/overlap the letterforms, to find ways of combing your initials into new compositions. Experiment with minimal form information, and severity of cropping while maintaining the recognition of the letterforms; experiment with figure ground relationships. John Baskerville Max Miedinger Frederic Goudy Stanley Morrison Adrian Frutiger Giambatista Bodoni Paul Renner Hermann Zapf Claude Garamond Morris Fuller Benton William Caslon Eric Gill Part B: : Use black and white, Helvetica only, position text within a modular grid. Create layout variations in order to see the range of possibilities within a system. Required text: Name, date of birth, and two paragraphs about you (each paragraph
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