His15AMidtermFall09 - I F tr (L = SCANTR0N' t,st \o 2 t,t...

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TO USE SUBJECTIVE SCOFE FEATURE: . Mark total possible subiective points . Only one mark per line on key .163 points maximum EXAMPLE OF 4 90 30 ]I UO . .,. a .l STUDENT . . . SCOHE:43210- F tr (L . MAKE OARK MARKS . ERASE COMPLETELY I ro cHaruce I .EXAMPLE: A B 4 o r t_-_____ : ? | ? il ? + ? | ".,1" o o o " il e$" fl; ; + q d " e ; fl "l{ a ? " " e ? e il { q I, + ; { p ; + e T ; +l; ; ; + { p r 5r rll + t e | | | + + fl+ ; + e i ; { I T + - N (D $ lo @ N @ O, OIF N cD <f |l] (o l\\o) Olr ol c., S u? q N cO Or Ol- ol c') <t ro (o N @ o) o -l- - F F F r r r<ir $tlot ot N (\t (\t N (\t or N (frle') at c') (') ct 6 b'r d F + ilil||il|ililililil REORDER ONLINE www.scantronforms. com ililililt M12 0208 34 = FoRusEoN SCANTR0N' rESrscoitNc FORM ^,,tt/.HlNE ONLY I it I Tt lt , tt rt n uJ uJ UJ lu uJ uJ lLj uJ ut Ll I Ll Ll Ll I Lt Ll ! i I il 1 rt r ooooooooo LI L] ] I I U U U nrlT.ittnt ()ooC)oo()oo ! lr Ll Lt ! Lt L L nfitrrlnTt-. c0dloctcroo@o !l Lt U Ll Lj Lt U rl n-trn_trnn l lLLluL!!U $s$$s5s33 tr IJJ I o I a dl ! n l *r*rltii*r +lilr:++r* t,st \o 2 t,t NClt ()NtY I L lll Il lllllllllJ,,["],J.,J".1 I l"*lirl 3+++t:+l+l; PART 1 '':il$:l?i#:E5;'xil,'l'J#'i". ,) rq1i6s so.s,,B7 72rEeo, B, ittat3ll8h.-Til3R . # FEED THls DIRECTI)N '{
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Hist, 15,A. FaIl2009 Midterm I YargO McRa* Dl^ r'r r r r" ' ['' i ,, r ' Name You must use a scantron for this test. Circle on the scantron the appropriate answer. Circle one for each answer 1) The Federalist-controlled Congress passed the Alien and Sedition Acts because: A) Federalists argued political opposition to the administration was treason B) Illegal immigrants had entered the United States to sabotage its war effort C) The Republicans had stopped advocating national defense. D) The French were about to invade. 2) In colonial America, a person who believed that government should be limited and the greatest power possible left to the individual would be called a A) Loyalist B) Federalist C) Republican. 3) Rural Americans joined the nonimportation movement because it supported traditional values of self-sufhciency and independence. A)True B) False 4) The Sons of Liberty were the iocal militias that fought at Lexington and Concord. A)False B) True 5) Which of the following was Not considered one of the "Five Civilized Tribes"? A) Choctaws B) Seminoles C) Cherokees D) Shawnees 6) The colony of Plyrnouth, or the Massachusetts Bay Colony: A)Had a strong communal sense but soon spread by taking advantage of opportunities B)Owed little to anyone in England and became an independent society C)Survived despite fierce Indian opposition in the early years
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His15AMidtermFall09 - I F tr (L = SCANTR0N' t,st \o 2 t,t...

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