Quiz 5 Ideology Quiz Paper Assignment

Quiz 5 Ideology Quiz Paper Assignment - quiz(Hint You will...

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POLS107 – Spring 2010 Professor Jackson Quiz 5 DUE in class Monday 3/22/10 1. Go to the following website and take the “World’s Smallest Political Quiz”: http://www.theadvocates.org/quiz.html 2. Print out the page with your score. 3. On a separate page, write a 2-3 page reflection on the quiz: Were the results surprising to you? Do you think the quiz accurately measured your political ideology? What do you think about the set of questions the quiz asks? Are there other questions that you think might give a different or better measure of political ideology? What questions would you add or substitute, and why? Who is the website sponsor? How might this affect the validity of the
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Unformatted text preview: quiz? (Hint: You will need to explore the website a little bit to find out about the sponsoring organization.) Thinking about your political ideology: What do you think have been the main influences on your political opinions? How certain do you feel about your views? Are you relatively “set” in your ideology, or do you feel like your political views are still evolving? Are your views consistent across different issues, or are you liberal on some issues and conservative on others? How useful do you think ideology is as a summary measure of someone’s political opinions? 4. Turn in hard copy of your paper in class, AND online to www.turnitin.com ....
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