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Psych 107 Psychology of Women Dr. Elena Klaw Gender and Community Project The Gender & Community Project is a team based cumulative project that is divided into four distinct assignments. The due date of each assignment is noted on the green-sheet and course web site. Three class sessions will be allotted to meeting with your team but the bulk of the project work will be done as homework, outside of class time. In this project, you will apply research and theory from the psychology of women and gender to educate people and/or influence policy change. For instance, you might write a letter that could be sent to a local school board proposing the development of LGBT/ally support groups in public schools. Or you might create a compelling video, poster, public service announcement, web site, or pamphlet to prevent gender based hate crimes and also draft a letter to appropriate administrators (e.g. a principal, res hall director, CEO) explaining why this media campaign would be effective. Or you might create a brief report for state or national
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