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Golf Behavior - I’ve also had the experience of trying to...

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Professor Rader Beginning Golf How to Behave on the Golf Course I thought this article was very informative for beginning golfers as golf etiquette can sometimes be seen as ‘dramatic’ in movies. Although I’ve played golf for about 6 months and have made my share of mistakes on the course, I feel there’s always room for improvement as this article points out. Until recently I was never really aware of what a divot was or how it may be used. This article helped me realize that it’s important to fix craters created by your ball when it lands on the green. I can see how a crater or imperfection may affect a golfer’s putt and change its course unexpectedly.
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Unformatted text preview: I’ve also had the experience of trying to pick up slow play and how the ambassador can really hound you because of it. My first couple of games of 18 holes I was hooking and slicing all day long along with my friends. It sure put pressure on us to speed up our game though when the ambassador told us to pick up our play. We quickly decided that searching for balls should be eliminated and should take our time more on trying to hit our shots straight. Overall this article really brings about the point that there are many rules to the game of golf, and that in reality they are there to keep us safe and to keep us having fun....
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