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Reading Response #9, Section 74 Exhibit 1: “’The Closing of the American Mind’ at 20” by James Piereson. 1. Describe two of Bloom’s arguments against the contemporary university in “The Closing of the American Mind.” How do these compare to Bloom’s critiques from “Strange Bedfellows” as presented by Deneen? 2. How does Dewey’s outlook on contemporary education differ from Bloom’s? 3. What does Bloom say about the morals and beliefs of contemporary students? Do you agree with these statements? 4. Describe a lesson that Bloom taught to his students. How do you think these ideas and practices would benefit his students? Do you agree with Bloom’s ethics? 5. Although Dewey and Bloom share similar ideals, their beliefs also contrast one another’s. Using context from both “Strange Bedfellows: Allan Bloom and Dewey Against Liberal Education, Rightly Understood” and “’The Closing of The American Mind’ at 20,” create a Venn Diagram to compare Dewey and Bloom’s principles.
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Unformatted text preview: Exhibit 2: “Viewpoint: Dewey, Democracy, and Citizenship” by Anderson and Major. 1. What does Dewey see as the major obligations and goals of modern democracy? How does this relate to his ideals and beliefs towards liberal education and democracy? 2. Why might Dewey caution us about "elected officials, media personalities, elements of political parties?” How might they affect our democratic way of thinking? 3. What does Dewey believe is the responsibility of "democratic high schools," and how does it connect to his thoughts on democratic higher education (liberal education)? 4. Consider the last passage of “Viewpoint: Dewey, Demoncracy, and Citizenship.” What relation do you see to Dewey’s theory of ‘civilized’ and ‘savage’? How might Dewey apply this thinking to the democratic high schools of today? 5. How do Dewey’s views regarding the church agree or disagree with Bloom's views on the church?...
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